Basics on what to measure with social media

social media measurement

Many businesses are struggling on measuring the impact that social media has on their business. Even though social media is still very new to many, most of what you want to measure with social media is based on the same principles on your measurement of other digital marketing methods.

There are practically hundreds of metrics you can use for measuring your social media campaign ranging from follower counts to your social engagement score. In my opinion, the easiest method I have found to measure social media is by integrating social media into your other marketing efforts and measuring the outcome of those marketing initiatives. If you are using Facebook and Twitter, what are you going to measure to see if you are actually making a difference with your campaign?

Find a couple of tips below on the basics of what to measure on Twitter and Facebook.

What can you measure?

Engagement score: With this metric you can measure the total number of likes, retweets, and comments your campaign or content that you have shared generated. Any digital marketer wants to measure and know when they share content if it created any engagement.

Connections: This is the most basic metric that you can measure and it shows the number of Facebook Fans and Twitter followers. I won’t use this to metric to determine the success of my campaign as this is basically just a number. Do you know how many of your followers or fans converts into sales or leads?

Qualified page views: How many qualified page views (qualified visits) did your campaign generate that resulted in an action? It’s easy to measure the number of page views (reach), but if it was only a visit and nothing more, did it really provide any value?

Reach: On your Facebook Page insights  you can view what your Facebook Reach is. In simple terms, what is the reach of the content that you share? Even though this metric will give you a good indication of how many people views and interacts with your content, with any digital marketing strategy, measure what converts.

There are many other metrics you can use to measure the success of your social media campaign, but what you are going to measure depends on your objectives. Your social media campaign should never exist in its own silo and it’s so much more effective when you integrate it with your other marketing initiatives.

What do you measure with your social media campaign?

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  • Byron Martin

    Hi Anton,

    Yes – That is absolutely true! No social media marketing campaign should exist
    on its own. The more adaptive it is the better it can integrate to any new
    campaigns that one might want to run, from other digital channels or just by
    complementing your tradition campaigns, both new and existing.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    • Anton Koekemoer

      Thanks Byron.

      This is most likely the biggest mistake many are making with their SMM campaigns. The easiest way to measure SMM ROI is by integrating it with your other marketing campaigns.

      • Byron Martin

        Agreed! Thanks for sharing.