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How to increase brand awareness online with social media

Getting your business brand in from your target audience is usually seen as a non stopping process. Online, it’s even harder. When talking about building brand awareness online, most people think about creating a social media marketing strategy. Yes it’s very easy to look at social media for short-term awareness, but usually this type of ad hoc campaigning will only deliver limited su

Become an advocate on the social web

Brand advocates – another social media buzz word. Online you will find many  blog posts, articles, and ebooks explaining that your social media marketing strategy should not be about selling directly, but engagement. Most of these content items explains that if you want to see any successful results on the social web, you need to join in on the conversations taking place and invest quite a

Use social media together with your other marketing campaigns

Social media has been around for quite some time and it’s not a buzz phrase anymore. Then again, when I visit a conference, I once again see that social media marketing is still buzzing with no sign of stopping anytime soon. I’ve been in the social media industry for a couple of years and have learned through experience that integrating social media with your other marketing campaigns

How to take control of your social media campaign

Is your social media strategy on a downward spiral with no positive results? Is your Facebook business page a ghost town? If so, it’s time to take control of your social media campaign. An easy way to do this is to change your overall perspective. Most often, if you haven’t shown any results with your social media campaign, top management in your business might believe that it’s

Setting your social media goals

Online you will find many stating that social media marketing is a waste of time, money, effort, and how much it sucks. These are the people who started their campaign on the wrong foot and most likely doesn’t have a clearly laid out social media marketing strategy that aligns their business goals with their social media goals. These people should stop wasting time and learn how they can

The easiest method to create a social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is a great way to engage and find new customers online, but what you do on the social web will determine your success. Creating a social media marketing strategy for your business might sound easy, but think about it for a while. Do you really know what you are going to do with your campaign plan? Are you going to post random blog posts and status updates just to publish som

Responsive websites aren’t cool. They are !@#$ awesome!

Responsive websites aren’t cool. They are !@#$ awesome! Responsive website development is not a new concept, but what is a responsive design on a website, blog, or online application? It’s a design framework that ensures your website looks good on any browser platform such as mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets, and traditional desktop browsers. The future isn’t mobile b

How to chase people away with your social media strategy

Every minute, a company is advertising a service or product where people have to visit their Facebook Fan page instead of their website. Social media is becoming so popular that when you open up your favourite newspaper or channel, you will most likely see and hear about the broadcaster’s Twitter and Facebook profile. Social media has been integrated into our news feeds, the movies we watch,

Converting social media fans and followers into sales

Your “followers” and “fans” on the social web consists of your blog readers, Google+ followers, LinkedIn connections, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and even your Pinterest followers. For business growth, it is important to make your digital footprint trustworthy. An over advertised profile on the social web is really not what your audience prefers, because social media

Social media is not just about your nice looking profiles

The world wide web is the primary tool in market globalization. Borders and distance are no longer a hindrance in getting people to buy and sell services or products. Social media marketing is becoming a top priority for many website developers and this is encouraged by the huge success of  the popular social media channels. Various social media channels have millions of users around the globe a

How to build your brand with social media

If you are already busy with a social media marketing campaign for your business, you might assume that you are “socially branded”. There’s quite a number of things you can do to improve your social media efforts, things that are most often neglected when it comes to building your profile on on the social web. Branding your profiles on the social web can be done to create lasting

Online reputation management and social media

Social media has been embraced by so many individuals and organizations that are using this new medium to communicate directly with their target audience. This is good, but how do these businesses respond when they receive negative feedback or comments about their brand or business via the social web? How do they deal with these negative comments that are public so that it doesn’t affect the

Struggling with time on social media? Create a schedule

It really doesn’t matter at all if you are a small business owner, medium sized or an big organization, find the right people, time, and money to carry out new innovative digital strategies is difficult. Most businesses are scared to try out new digital trends and technologies because they don’t have the resources and time to manage it successfully. Did you know that if you had a clear

A new beginning

It’s 2013 and that time of the year again to rework our own development and marketing strategies. Open Circle Solutions is a whopping 5 years old in 2013, and even though we have gone through massive changes over the last 2 years and being a bit quiet by only focusing on a few clients, we are opening our doors again to the public. So much has changed since we started back in the day with all

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