Use social media to voice your opinion

social media voice opinion

Not so long ago it used to be the norm that if you wanted to voice your opinion about a specific brand, product or service, you had to phone their customer service department if they had any or send a letter to the company headquarters. Before Google was the entry point to anyone looking for information on a specific company, it really wasn’t easy to figure out how to get hold of the right p

Do you know what is the reputation of your brand online?

online reputation management

Having an online reputation management strategy is not a nice to have anymore, but a must have. Keeping track of your brand online and how others are talking about you can provide you with a huge advantage, no matter what niche you are in. Depending on the level of service you provide and the awareness of your business, there could be hundreds of your customers and other people talking about your

How to launch a social media marketing campaign

social business

Social media is an instrument on communication that facilitates social behaviour online. It’s also a medium that can be used to build brand awareness and influence the perception of your brand online. It’s a digital word of mouth medium and can be used to engage directly with your target audience. Social media marketing has many benefits for your brand and company if you have a solid s

Using Facebook insights to measure your social media campaign

facebook insights

If you are using a Facebook page in your social media marketing strategy, did you know that with the recent changes Facebook has implemented, they have improved what you can see when measuring your business page. Everything regarding digital marketing should be measured so that you can measure what is working and what is not, the ROI of your campaign, and if you are going to reach your goals. Any

Why you should worry about online reputation management

online reputation management

Due the real-time nature of social media, your business reputation can be made or broken in 140 characters or less. This is not a warning, but a reality. There are also hundreds of complaint websites like with high organic rankings where people can vent their frustrations and experience with a particular brand or company. Having an online reputation management strategy is not a nice

Don’t just create social media profiles – be active!

social media activity

Social media is still a buzz word to many even though it has been around for quite a while. The digital world keeps on evolving everyday and using social media marketing with your marketing campaigns and business strategies adds a new level of engagement between your business and your customers. With all the hype going on around social media, only having profiles on popular social media channels d

Social media marketing: It’s not always about posting at the right time

social media time

Do you know where to find your target audience on the social web? If you are into social media marketing, I’m sure you have seen this question many times on presentations, videos, infographics, blog posts, articles, and books related to social media. Social media is still very new to many and somewhat of a game. You publish a new update or blog post and then visit a specific social media cha

How to increase brand awareness online with social media

social media brand awareness

Getting your business brand in from your target audience is usually seen as a non stopping process. Online, it’s even harder. When talking about building brand awareness online, most people think about creating a social media marketing strategy. Yes it’s very easy to look at social media for short-term awareness, but usually this type of ad hoc campaigning will only deliver limited su

Measuring social media lead generation

social media lead generation

Generating leads with your social media marketing strategy is great, but how do you measure your efforts to see if you are getting a good ROI for your efforts? Where does the measurement process start? It’s simple. It starts with engagement. With lead generation on the social web it’s crucial that you understand what drives audience participation so that you can identify what content,

Become an advocate on the social web

brand advocates social media

Brand advocates – another social media buzz word. Online you will find many  blog posts, articles, and ebooks explaining that your social media marketing strategy should not be about selling directly, but engagement. Most of these content items explains that if you want to see any successful results on the social web, you need to join in on the conversations taking place and invest quite a

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