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Building Lifetime Loyalty in Ecommerce Marketing

While there is no doubt that custom acquisition is important in ecommerce marketing, customer retention is even more important. It cost far less and even drive more profit over the long term to invest in current customers compared to attracting new ones. With that in...

Why Your SEO Strategy is Not Working

Wondering why your SEO strategy never seems to get you anywhere? Trying to get your site ahead in the SERPs is not always easy. Search Engine Optimisation can be incredibly frustrating - especially for those who are wanting to get ahead quickly. In reality, SEO can...

SEO Trends to Watch This Year

Although many SEO trends come and go each year, some can offer plenty of insight into how you can rank better over the year to come. Over the years, we have seen many trends. Some have remained a major focus in Search Engine Optimisation, such as the Mobile First era,...

Avoid These Lead Scoring Mistakes

There is no doubt that lead scoring can be a highly effective way to identify high-value leads. As part of a lead generation strategy, scoring allows your marketing team to increase conversion for email marketing and various other digital campaigns. In their 2012 B2B...

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