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While public relations (PR) might still be a hidden mystery to many (“What is public relations”; “Do I really need PR?”; “Is public relations the same as normal advertising?”), the concept of Digital PR and Online PR can even be more confusing.

Traditional media including old school marketing typically refers to promoting a product or brand through print publications such as magazines, newspapers, radio, and television. With the rise of the world-wide web came a new channel in which people receives their product information and daily news via various digital sources.

Online PR aims to bring brands into the digital world by creating relationships with brand influencers by offering optimized digital assets such as news content, video, and links that can be shared online.

Online PR benefits

  • Create brand awareness, authority, and online commentary on your products / brand.
  • Easy measurements through web analytics.
  • Enhanced organic rankings with search engine optimisation.
  • Improved customer relations.
  • Increased requests from the online community such as journalists, editors, and other bloggers.

How to use this new method of PR

This new method of PR works best when it is integrated with other internet marketing initiatives, including traditional marketing and a proactive social media campaign. While PR can definitely have the added benefit of increasing leads and sales, it should be clearly understood that PR is the medium to communicate consistent company and brand messaging to the media and consumers.

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness in the digital world, have relevant brand messaging to share, and want to include top brand influencers talking about your services and products, then this new type of PR might be the right choice for you.

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