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Personal branding is about your name as a brand on its own and about problem solving and differentiation. What background skills do you have that are unique, and how can you start promoting yourself in the digital connected world to start building your online reputation?

There are many people that think personal branding is just about keeping your website and Facebook profile clean. Some will tell you that you should have an optimised LinkedIn profile and even though these are all good starting points, they miss the overall branding part of it.

You have a personal brand

Face it, each one of us has a personal reputation. It defines who we are personally and professional. It also defines the message we are trying to project. In today’s digital lifestyle, the online world has forced us to think about our own communities and our own circle of influence. How well are you engaging with your community? Did you know that this is becoming a key component in your career and what others will see about you online? Basically, it comes down to providing value and meeting needs.

The only problem with personal branding is that it is difficult to assess yourself objectively  in the light of the target market you are trying to reach to reach. Therefore, the message you are spreading about yourself can be quite different to the message others are receiving about about you.

How to build your personal brand

To make sure you are sending a consistent and clear message that brings real value to our target audience, a personal branding strategy is the best way to get an honest look and feel about what your personal brand is saying about you online and what adjustments you can perform to strengthen your brand online.

The days are long gone where a simple cover letter and resume were the only tools you needed to get the perfect job. You need to start leveraging social media together with traditional media, and the best way to do that is to look at your own personal experience that you bring to the marketplace.

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