Digital Marketing Dashboards

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Use our marketing dashboards to track key metrics and create informative reports to learn the true success of your campaigns.

Digital Marketing Reports And Dashboards

Data is at its best when it is easily accessible and meaningful. With digital marketing, everything can and should be measured. This is true especially if you are running targeted digital marketing campaigns to improve your website traffic, leads and sales. Having access to this data can shape future decisions about your business and improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

As a 100% data-driven digital marketing agency, all the campaigns we plan and implement as well as the decisions we make are based on reliable and actionable data. Data stays data until you can process and make sense of it. That is where we come in. Our fully qualified Google Analytics team do this for a living.

Measure what matters with a digital marketing dashboard

Depending on what you want to measure from your data, having a unique digital marketing dashboard can help you learn a gread deal about your marketing campaigns. These reports can consist of various traffic metrics, your online shop sales and revenue, lead generation funnels, social media marketing, the ROI of your paid advertising campaigns or even a combination of all, we can help you put solid reporting dashboards and processes in place to make sure you don’t miss any crucial metrics for your business.

Custom Digital Marketing Reports

We create structured and focussed digital marketing dashboards from a variety of sources to help improve your current digital marketing campaigns and so that you can make informed decisions on any future campaigns. All of our reports are custom designed and can consist of multiple pages with an optimised structure.

Our custom digital marketing reports can be designed and built around the data you want to measure. This is ideal for departmental or management level reporting. 

Our Digital Marketing Dashboards Services

Our digital marketing reporting services include the following:

  • Reporting and monthly data analysis
  • Consolidated traffic reports with dynamic filtering (area, channel, sources, devices, campaign and date range)
  • Key metric integration to measure the ROI of your campaigns
  • Lead generation campaign funnel reports
  • Paid advertising reports (Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Ecommerce marketing dashboards (transactions and revenue dashboards)
  • Social media dashboards (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) 

We also offer the service to create custom dashboards from a variety of different sources. Contact us for more information on this.

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    Need help with your digital marketing decision?

    Irrefutably one of the best digital agencies in SA. I have worked with some big names and the results Open Circle got was unbeatable. Anton is a Lead generation ninja. Great ROI, exceeds his targets and an absolute pleasure to work with. You have peace of mind knowing there is someone personally and dedicated working on your account. Open Circle doesn't mind putting in the hours, and because of the vast knowledge set you get, you get so much more than what you pay for.

    Annemi Olivier

    Certainly the best Digital Agency I have ever worked with! I dont know where our business would be without there expert guidance and hands on approach! Anton and his team go out of there way to understand your businesses needs and how they truly can and do optimize it in every way. It's such a rarity to come across people who say what they do and do it! I look forward to many more years working together on all our businesses and projects!

    Jason Les Newmark

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