It’s April 2017 and we have decided to rework our own digital marketing strategies. Open Circle Solutions is a whopping 9 years old and even though we have gone through massive changes over the last few years and being a bit quiet by only focusing on a few clients, we are opening our doors again.

So much has changed since we started back in the day with all the technology changes including all the various Google algorithm updates, social media, Chuck Norris, Apple, and disruptive marketing, but our core methodology still remains the same.

We specialise in custom digital marketing solutions to help your business strive online in the digital landscape. We enable businesses to heighten brand awareness, strengthen their competitive advantage, enhance productivity and we provide them with opportunities to increase their return on investment in the digital landscape. This is all accomplished by implementing and planning solutions to address the three most important business growth aspects namely; reaching your prospects; converting those prospects into customers; retaining those customers.

Dynamic online solutions

Our dynamic online solutions and advanced digital marketing strategies provides unique and positive user experiences that results in higher prospect conversion and customer retention figures. Our approach to problem-solving embraces out-of-the-box thinking as well as a practical analysis that tackles real business issues.

A list of our services:

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Website Development


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