A print campaign may sound like it is from a bygone era since digital marketing erupted onto the scene some 20 years ago.

Print media is viewed as a ‘non traditional’ marketing strategy but considering that it is the second most used practice for advertising, the first being digital marketing, it is definitely still a forerunner.

The larger percentage of shoppers still engage with print in the form of mailed and delivered circulars, newspapers, magazines and in store brochures.

Digital marketing’s success is based on an ever changing and challenging environment. Most notably, Google’s ever changing algorithms. Did you know that Google updates their algorithm 500-600 times a year?

Print media marketing has been around, in some sort of guise, for centuries. It remains constant, reliable and efficient.

If you want to be a marketing pioneer, then combining both strategies will deliver better results. So the answer to the question is a robust ‘YES’. Print and digital marketing campaigns can work together.

Reasons to use both print and digital marketing

  • Some people appreciate a social media presence but often times they also want to experience something more tangible like a glossy magazine. You will reach a bigger market if you approach both avenues.
  • Cross pollination between the two will ensure larger audience engagement.
  • You will have added versatility with which to get your message across.
  • Print media is passive but with appropriate CTA’s (call to action) you can create an active on-line environment which should result in more audience engagement. You can do this by incentivising and encouraging interaction across both mediums and from one to the other.

Measure the success of your campaign

It can be difficult to measure the success of a dual media campaign. You have to constantly ask for feedback. This usually only comes from an active online presence. This is where cross pollination comes in. Run a competition in the print media that requires the reader to go on-line. Once they are on your site, you can ask for feedback via a short questionnaire.

In order for a campaign of this type to work, you would require coordination between both marketing departments. Shared strategies and goals will lead to greater success.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more combined approaches that can be applied. Open Circle Solutions specializes in assisting you in achieving your marketing goals by growing your audience and creating an environment of trust and integrity. This should ultimately convert to customers.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can see how best to leverage your business’s approach to marketing.

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