There is no doubt that mobile marketing offers the best way to tap into the continuously growing mobile arena. Year upon year, smart businesses that have embraced mobile are enjoying the increased engagement and return that this medium has to offer. A look at some of this year’s biggest trend shows that now, more than ever, mobile should be part of your overall marketing efforts.

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2017

Which mobile marketing trends should you be watching this year? Let’s take a look.

The continued rise of smartphones

Smartphones are a hub, allowing people to connect to the internet, apps, messaging tools, cameras and many other features that have become part of everyday life. While smartphones are often used along with other devices, ranging from desktops and laptops to smart watches and tablets, they are still a primary device for the majority of consumers. This means that it is wise to keep your marketing efforts targeted to smartphones.

Mobile in the real world

In 2016, we saw massive trends such as Pokemon Go begin to grow. In 2017, smart businesses will be finding ways to bring their strategies into the real world. Trends to watch include location-based services, beacons and in-store features; augmented reality tools that capitalise on real-time experiences; and shopper marketing, which takes in-store marketing to a whole new level.

Easier apps

Apps make up for a large portion of all mobile usage. Despite their popularity, comScore reports that app usage is concentrated, with the most popular apps making up the majority of usage. The launch of Google’s Instant Apps in 2016 showed that single-use, easily installed apps may just be the way of the future.

Continued growth of mobile video

Apps such as Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories show that video is continuing its rise. As videos rise, text posts decline. It is vital for businesses to take advantage of mobile video, to ensure that their efforts don’t get left in the dark.

Messaging as marketing

Messaging apps continue to grow, often replacing text messages for many users. Business Insider states that more people use messaging apps than social media. Messaging apps are evolving into lucrative mobile marketing platforms, with tools such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat proving that there is plenty of untapped potential in messaging.

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