Whether you focus mostly on social media, mobile or digital marketing, having a marketing strategy in place is essential for just about every business. A strategy acts as a master plan, helping you plan your marketing efforts in a way that ensures optimal success.

For many businesses, ‘winging it’ seems like the cheapest and quickest route. While you may succeed without a clear strategy if you are lucky, it is often far easier to start with a strategy that can guide all of your efforts.

How a marketing strategy will help your business

How exactly can a marketing strategy help your business succeed? From better decisions to improved direction and a distinct advantage over your competition, here are just a few of the benefits offered by a solid strategy:

Simplified decisions. Planning is an essential part of every business’ growth. Business decisions will become a lot simpler when you have a strategy that clearly outlines your key objectives, resources and focus areas. This way, you will know what steps to start taking, without wasting precious time and money on bad decisions that may not deliver results.

Enhanced direction. On a similar note, you will also have an enhanced direction that will guide all of your campaigns. Knowing where to spend your marketing budget (and where to reduce costs) is key. Whether you plan to focus on social media, mobile, online advertising or lead generation, your strategy will help you determine the best direction to take.

Competitive advantage. A marketing strategy can also help you gain an advantage over your competition. You can even use competitive research as part of your strategy to identify what your competitors are doing. By staying one step ahead, and planning in a way that helps you use your resources effectively, you will always be able to keep up with your competitors.

Developing a marketing strategy

Developing a strategy is not always as easy as it seems however. As much as a strategic approach will help your business grow, a bad strategy can be far worse than no strategy at all. The most effective way to ensure that your strategy is targeted, realistic and, most importantly of all, scalable is to work with an experienced marketing consultant.

This will ensure that your strategy is developed according to your unique goals and requirements. From social strategies that are designed to grow your presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other major networks, to digital strategies that help you grow your reach, a good strategist is essential to get the full benefit of a marketing strategy.

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