A huge part of a social media marketing strategy is timing. Consistency also plays a vital role in how well your posts perform on major social networks. With a growing range of scheduling tools on the market today, preparing your social media posts in advance has never been easier. These tools have the added benefit of allowing you to also post to major social networks, with content going live on the dates that you have selected.

How a social media schedule helps you get ahead

Some of the ways that a social media schedule work hand in hand with your strategy to help you improve your results include the following:

Save time and effort. One of the biggest advantage of scheduling is that it saves you a great deal of time and effort. By planning and posting in advance, you can spend a day or two on preparation to get a month or even a few months of content ready. Scheduled posts will then be automatically published on your selected dates.

Stay ahead of important dates. Annual holidays and other important dates can be hard to remember, especially when things are busy. A calendar that is scheduled in advance is the simplest way to keep track of big events. Just make sure that you are 100% sure the event is happening – if anything changes at the last minute you will need to update your post.

Post consistently. For many businesses, posting on a regular basis is a challenge. You may keep up for a week or two, but if you miss a few days, it can affect your results. A schedule will ensure that you post on a regular basis, so that you never miss out on opportunities to grow your presence online.

Take advantage of optimal times. Certain times of the day and week work best for each social network. Scheduling is a simple way to take advantage of these times, without worrying about time differences or conflicting events that make it hard to post in real time.

Work with your strategy. Finally, the best thing about a schedule is that it allows you to develop your overall marketing strategy. You can invest your resources into posting the content that your audience wants to see, rather than posting haphazardly because you can’t think of anything to say on the spot.

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