Working with an experienced, skilled website development agency may not seem like an essential part of your online success. But, in reality, having a professional website’s role is to create a foundation that can be used for all of your marketing efforts.

A highly functional, user-friendly website makes all the difference when it comes to your online growth. While websites need to look good, they need to perform at optimal level to be truly powerful. If your website is not performing as well is it should, it may be time to think about getting a trusted website development agency who is able to give your website the edge it needs to compete in the often competitive digital space.

Top signs it’s time for a new website

How do you know that it may be time to look for a new website development agency? For starters, you can look out for these warning signs.

1. Your website cannot be found online

Search Engine Optimisation goes hand in hand with website development. If you cannot find your website easily on search engines, it may have just as much to do with the actual website as it does with your SEO efforts. Sites built entirely in animatio or filled with other non-indexable content, hard to crawl link structures, pages that are not optimised for search engines, duplicate pages, broken links, and other on-site issues can all negatively affect your rankings online. If your developer has little to no understanding or experience of SEO, they may not be able to get your website anywhere online.

2. Your website has not been updated in years

Websites that are left dormant for years are not only less likely to rank well in the search engines; they are also more likely to have out of date information, broken links, compatibility issues and other problems. Websites need to be tended to frequently. Content added in the form of blog posts and updated pages help you stay present online. They also help your audience find information more easily. An outdated website can be frustrating – especially if it is no longer compatible with most browsers.

3. Your website is not converting

The ultimate goal of any website is to convert people from browsing to taking some sort of action. Whether that action is clicking, sending an enquiry, making a sale or downloading content, a well developed website should always be built to convert easily. If you have not been getting any enquiries from your online forms, or no-one is clicking or downloading featured content, it may be due to an on-site error. Slow loading pages, coding errors, outdated plugins that no longer work, and broken links can make all a difference.

If you would like to know how else your website may not be getting you the results you want, get in touch today to find out about my consulting solutions.

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