Content marketing is a powerful way to grow your traffic, reach your target audience. Used properly, content has the ability to connect with readers, provide useful information, boost your brand and help your overall marketing efforts.

That does not mean that ALL content is good for your growth, however. Badly planned, poorly written, overly promotional, non-educational, unoptimised content can do more harm than good.

Wondering whether your content marketing efforts are more hit than miss? Consider the following mistakes before you continue with any content plan.

The worst content marketing mistakes you could make

Some of the biggest content marketing mistakes to avoid include the following:

  1. Poor quality content. Above all else, content needs to be well-written, properly researched and checked for grammar and spelling mistakes. Many companies want the benefit of content, without taking the time or effort to invest in professional content writers. Trying to cut costs by hiring student or writers who do not speak your primary language can result in content that is full of mistakes.
  2. Selling instead of teaching. Many businesses believe that the primary goal of content, whether on websites or social media, is to sell. Taking this approach can end up making your content more like an ad than truly useful content that readers will enjoy. Content should always be useful and informative to appeal to your audience. Instead of trying to push your products or services, consider how you can add genuine value to those reading your content.
  3. Not having a strategy. Having no plan at all is also a bad idea. A strategy will help you create content that is targeted and carefully thought-out, rather than done on the spot. This will also allow you to test the content that performs well, and the content that does not do as well.
  4. Not including evergreen content. Evergreen content can be read at any time of the year, during any year. This sort of content includes useful guides and resources on topics that do not go out of fashion. While you can also include topical and seasonal content, this may not be relevant in a week, month or year.
  5. Failing to optimise your content. This is especially important in the case of website content. If your content is not optimised for the web, it may not have as much reach. This is why it can be so useful to work with an experienced SEO copywriter, who will be able to create content that can easily be found by search engines.

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