How much value does social advertising really add? Promoted Tweets, paid YouTube ads and sponsored Facebook posts have become as common as non-paid content. While it may seem like a waste of your digital marketing budget to advertise on major social media channels, there are a number of unique benefits offered by these channels.

Whether you are aiming to increase your following, gain more exposure, boost traffic to specific pages or websites or simply improve your brand’s reputation, social ads reach customers where they spend a great deal of time online. Thanks to the massive growth of social media marketing, more people are online than ever before.

How to get the most from social advertising

With that said, not every ad will help you achieve your goals. A badly planned social advertising campaign can be just as harmful as no social ads at all (if not more so). How do you ensure that you get genuine return on your ad investment? For starters, you can consider these tips…

Set clear objectives and goals

What is your primary goal for your ads? Are you increasing engagement, boosting traffic, improving your following, or simply raising awareness? Knowing what you want to achieve is the first step to ensure that your ads hit their mark.

Get help from an expert

If you want to reap the benefits of social adverts but you are not sure how to get started, it is well worthwhile speaking to a consultant who specialises in online advertising on social channels. Trying to wing it without any guidance end up in a failed campaign.

Choose your platforms wisely

Knowing which platform is best for your objectives is key to getting the most value from your ads. This is yet another reason to get assistance from an expert who knows exactly which channels will be best for your goals.

Start out slowly

Rather than spending a huge fortune on your first few campaigns, start out with a small ad budget while you test the proverbial waters. This will help you fine-tune your campaign without the worry of losing money.

Track, test and tune

You will need to measure your ad’s success to determine how well it is doing. If something is not working, you can fine-tune and test again to see if that helps. This is how many brands succeed – by testing, retesting and constantly tuning their ads.

Like any other type of digital advertising, social ads have the potential to provide real results. To learn more about working with an experienced consultant who can assist with your social advertising campaigns, contact me today or leave a message below.

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