A content marketing strategy can be an extremely powerful tool. Used correctly, a strategy can help you improve existing content, and ensure that new content is highly targeted towards your goals. But with that said, a strategy that is not being used to its full advantage won’t help you much.

How can you be sure that your strategy is geared towards real, lasting success? Let’s take a look.

How to improve your content marketing strategy

One of the biggest reasons to invest in professional content marketing strategist is that it gives you the best chance of truly improving your content. Trying to do your own strategy without a solid understanding of marketing, analytics and overall strategic planning often ends up in disaster. Some of the ways that a strategist can fine-tune your content planning include the following:

  1. Define very specific goals for your content. The very first step is to define your content objectives. What do you want your content to achieve? You may be aiming to increase conversion, bring in new leads, increase brand awareness or even educate your audience. Simply assuming that all content should achieve a vague goal such as boosted sales is not sufficient.
  2. Define the metrics you will track. That leads us onto our next point – which metrics you are going to track. Depending on your goals, you may include hard metrics such as leads, traffic and sales, or you could include soft metrics such as social media or blog engagement. Your strategy should be very clear about which metrics will be monitored, as this will allow you to see what is working.
  3. Know your audience. It is vital to know your audience well. Even more importantly, know what your audience needs. If you are not targeting your content on what your target audience wants, you are losing out on the chance to convert. Use data from social media, search and real customer feedback to determine what customers want from your content.
  4. Create a content execution and promotion plan. First, you need to know exactly how you will implement your content. Include social channels, blog, email and mobile messaging. Your strategist will know exactly when to post content to each platform, which in turn will ensure the best results. Once your content is published, it needs to be promoted to be found online. A good strategist will also be able to provide insight into how best to promote your content.

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