There is no doubt that Facebook marketing for business offers a number of benefits to companies of all sizes. While you can certainly increase your reach, bring in new leads and connect to your audience through a Facebook page for your business, it doesn’t mean that simply adding one will be enough.

The reality of Facebook marketing is that it takes a fair bit of social media strategy, effort and thought to make your page truly succeed. In this short guide to optimising your corporate account, we share some tips on getting the most from Facebook for business.

What you need to know about Facebook for business

Some of the ways that you can improve your success with Facebook for business include the following:

  • Invest in a Facebook marketing strategy. Above all else, a Facebook strategy will help you know which direction to take with the content you share on your page. Without a strategy, you are effectively shooting in the dark. You may get somewhere by chance, but it is more likely that your page will stay stagnant.
  • Select the right URL. If you have not yet claimed your unique page URL, you are missing out. Without a URL, your page address includes numbers and the full page name. It is far more effective to have a short URL that people can easily remember to find your page quickly.
  • Choose the right template. Facebook offers a few different templates for various industries. Professional services, business, shopping, standard, venues, politicians, and restaurants and cafes are the typical template options. By choosing the best one for your business, your page will be far better optimised.
  • Aim for a 100% response rate. Like any other social network, engagement is essential for Facebook to truly work for your business. Use Messenger to respond to queries as quickly as possible. Remember that response rates are shown on business Facebook pages. If you ignore messages, you will quickly find that you have a low response rate.
  • Don’t forget your call to action buttons. It is vital to make it easier for people to convert from your page. You will have a choice of CTA buttons to include. Stick to basics such as ‘call now’, shop now’ or ‘click for details’, or create a unique CTA that is enticing and clear.

Looking for help with a well-crafted Facebook strategy? Open Circle Solutions helps you get the most from this social channel with an expertly planned strategy tailored to your business. Leave a comment below or send us your details to find out more about how we optimise Facebook for business.

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