How do you know when it is the right move to call in an independent marketing consultant? You may think that only large businesses with huge budgets can think about working with a consultant. In reality, businesses of all sizes can benefit from a bit of strategic advice on how to improve your overall digital marketing strategy and efforts.

The first step in getting results from an improved strategy or approach is to determine whether you really need a independent marketing consultant. To help you figure out if now is the right time to make some changes, we’ve put together a few signs to look out for…

When to hire an independent marketing consultant

Some of the signs that it might be time to hire an independent marketing consultant include the following:

  • You never have time to work out a strategy, let alone implement one. Without a marketing strategy in place, how will you know where to put your time and resources? Strategy is the foundation of everything – social media, website optimisation, content, lead generation and even online advertising. If you don’t even know where to begin, it may be time to get some professional help.
  • Your current strategy is not working as well as it should. If you have a strategy in place, but it does not seem to be getting you anywhere, it’s also a sign that you may need some help. A consultant will review your strategy, making improvements that will help you reach your goals.
  • Your website is not bringing in new business. If your website is not getting any traffic from search engines, digital advertising or social media, there may well be room for improvement. Another way that a marketing consultant helps is to provide website auditing to identify potential problem areas that are setting you back.
  • Your leads are not converting into paid customers. Getting plenty of leads, but no conversion? A consultant will work with you to determine the weaknesses in your sales funnel and lead generation strategy.
  • You do not have a social media presence. Yet another sign it is time to call in the expert is having no social media presence. Likewise, having unusually slow growth, or no idea of what to share can also be a good sign that you need to invest in consulting.

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