There is no doubt that mobile marketing offers plenty of potential for businesses wanting to take advantage of the huge reach of mobile email, SMS, responsive websites and app marketing. With more smartphones in use than ever before, all over the world, mobile shows no signs of slowing in its growth.

As powerful as mobile can be, the key to success with this type of strategy is using it correctly. Far too many businesses want to make use of mobile’s reach, without taking the time and effort to plan highly strategic campaigns that have a high chance of success. Failing to understand mobile, or worse, not following ethical practices, can greatly affect your chances of success.

Avoid these results-killing mobile marketing mistakes

Avoid become a mobile marketing failure by considering the following most commonly made mistakes.

Catch-all messaging

If you are sending out catch-all messages without considering devices or channels, you could end up losing a lot of impact. People view mobile messages on various devices that include smartphones, traditional mobiles and even tablets. If your message is not targeted correctly, it may not be easily viewed on certain devices. Instead of trying to reach everyone, find out what the most commonly used device is, and target your campaigns around that device first and foremost.

Not using a landing page

Mobile campaigns that send users to your everyday website are missing out on the huge potential to convert. Specially made landing pages that are designed specifically to catch mobile audiences have a far better chance of landing clicks and enquiries – particularly if the page is optimised for mobile devices. Failing to send your leads to the right place can be a huge waste of time and money, reducing your chances of conversion drastically. Instead of wasting the potential mobile leads you receive, prepare for them by creating dedicated landing pages.

Taking privacy and spam concerns too lightly

Privacy should be top of mind with every marketing campaign. But, for mobile campaigns, this is even more important. Buying lists, sending out SMS to numbers that have not willingly been added to your lists and forcing recipients to pay to opt out are all poor practices. These can end up causing far more harm than good, too. As a general rule of thumb, use opt-in lists only, and make it as easy as possible for people to opt-out if they no longer wish to receive messages from your business.

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