Organic SEO might sound like a buzz word. In fact, this term simply applies to all Search Engine Optimisation that is natural rather than paid. While this approach can take more time than paid links and ads, it has far more benefits in the long run.

To understand exactly how organic or natural SEO works, it is useful to know why it is considered the gold standard as far as optimal digital marketing practices are concerned. In this mini guide, we will go into further detail to help you find out more about organic SEO.

The essential role of organic SEO

First, let’s have a look at what this term means. All SEO that is not artificially sourced is organic. This term means that results have been gained through ongoing efforts that include link building, on-site optimisation, content and keyword research. Artificial SEO on the other hand includes results obtained through paid listings, affiliate ads, PPC and other paid promotions. While there is no doubt that digital advertising also offers many benefits, an organic approach to SEO is often best if you are seeking long-term rewards.

Some of the advantages that organic SEO offers include the following:


Even if you work with an experienced SEO agency such as Open Circle, organic optimisation is a cost effective solution compared to search engine marketing. While PPC and other ads are almost sure to bring in traffic and increase your visibility, organic is often more realistic for those starting out online.


Another benefit of organic traffic is that it is credible and visible. If you are worried about spam or not comfortable with the idea of advertising, the organic approach is a good way to gain visibility naturally, without the need for potentially sneaky ads or tactics.


A smart SEO strategy works hand in hand with competitor analysis. Knowing what your competition is doing online is the best way to get ahead of them through smart SEO tactics designed to get ahead in the search results. The better your organic traffic, the better chance you have of appearing above your competition.

An effective way to harness the power of organic traffic while still benefiting from paid traffic is to take a combined approach that incorporates a wide variety of strategies. While many people access websites through search engines, others click on paid listings. If you implement organic strategies to work alongside your paid listings, you will soon reap the rewards.

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