It’s all very well to have a basic Facebook marketing plan in place. You may have a few ideas on what you want to do to get ahead. You might already have a growing number of followers. Even the best plan can quickly go wrong. Many business owners assume that simply getting a Facebook page up and running is enough to succeed. In reality, plans can all too easily fail when there is no proper strategy to back them up.

How can you be sure that your Facebook marketing efforts don’t go to waste?

Facebook marketing strategy mistakes to avoid

For starters, you can avoid these huge strategy mistakes that might be leading to your failure…

You don’t have a strategy

Not having a plan at all is the biggest thing setting you back. A key part of success on any social network is having a clear plan in place. For Facebook, you need to ensure that you have a good mixture of posts that are designed to engage your audience. Without a strategy, you are more likely to post in haste, ‘winging it’ instead of posting smartly.

You are only posting your own content

This may sound counterproductive, but if your plan only includes your own content, you are missing out on the chance to connect to your audience. Facebook is all about engagement. Sharing relevant, interesting content from a variety of sources is far more effective than spamming people with continual updates that only come from your business.

You are not including images and video

Text posts only quickly get boring. Images and video should both be part of your strategy. Whether you share interesting product images, create special graphics, or share useful instructional videos, multimedia adds interest to your strategy.

You are copying someone’s strategy

One of the many reasons to work with an experienced consultant is that you will have the benefit of a unique strategy that is tailored around your business. Copying what other brands do online is never a good idea. At best, you will come across as lazy and unoriginal.

You are not scheduling your content

A social media schedule will help you implement your Facebook strategy simply and effectively. Consistent posting is essential for success. A schedule is the best way to share your content each week and month, so that you don’t forget to update your Facebook page.

To learn more about working with a consultant, simply contact me today. I will help you get the best from your Facebook marketing efforts, so that you can avoid these mistakes altogether.

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