If you have been needing direction in your online efforts, a digital marketing specialist can provide invaluable insight and assistance.

Strategy plays a highly important part of your overall digital marketing success. Strategy helps you better understand problems that you may be facing, to clearly define goals that will address each problem. For instance, you may be finding that your Search Engine Optimisation campaigns are not getting anywhere, despite your best efforts. Or, you may be finding that your digital ad spend is growing, while your conversion rates are remaining low.

Whatever your digital needs may be, strategy provides the knowledge you need to find solutions. A good consulting strategist will use research, analysis and a number of other tactics to develop a unique plan of action that is geared specifically towards your business and goals.

What is the role of a digital marketing specialist?

If the role of strategy is to provide insight, what is the role of a digital marketing specialist? Some of the things that a specialist will do includes the following:

  • Liaises with clients to fully understand their business and objectives
  • Analyses current digital campaigns thoroughly
  • Analyses current user experience to address opportunities for growth
  • Reports on improvement areas across current strategies
  • Outlines a plan of action to implement various digital strategies aligned to client goals
  • Implements strategy in a highly efficient and organised way
  • Reports on strategy impact and provides insight for further growth

Why work with a digital marketing specialist?

You may think that your marketing team can provide strategy. While they may be able to offer some guidance, the very nature of the digital strategist gives them an edge that a general marketer lacks. Digital Marketing Specialists specialist in planning. Your strategist will work closely with your marketing team to create a strategy that is highly focused and tailored towards your business’ specific goals.

A clear roadmap will be provided, which outlines every available digital channel – website, content marketing, social media, email, mobile, advertising and search. As a result, you will have a single approach that incorporates everything in a clear and organised method. Instead of trying to bring together separate strategies with the hopes of aligning them with your broader marketing plan, you will have a condensed plan that gives you clear, actionable tasks.

The biggest benefits of marketing strategy in general include easier decision making, clear direction and a competitive edge. Adding even more benefit, a strategist will greatly simplify your efforts.

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