Whether you feel like you are doing plenty of work for almost no result, or you are in need of a fresh approach, every digital marketing campaign needs to be revamped at some point. One of the biggest dangers for any business is to allow marketing efforts to stagnate. Another danger is doing the same thing over and over again, even when it is no longer working.

If you are starting to feel that your efforts are not getting you the results you expect, it may be time to shake things up with a brand new, greatly improved marketing campaign.

When is a good time to shake up your marketing campaign?

Wondering how to tell if a revamp is needed? Some of the warning signs that your marketing campaign is no longer as effective as it ought to be include the following:

1. Your marketing has stagnated

By far the biggest reason for any change is stagnation. For many established businesses, whatever the industry or size, there is a risk of missing out on new and improved strategies. If you have always had a relative success with something like SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media or online reputation, but you feel as though you have hit a plateau, a new campaign can revitalise your efforts in a huge way. Stagnant marketing will all too often end to stagnant results. By shaking this up, you will be able to breathe new life into your campaigns, across the board.

2. You are running around in circles

Similarly, you may be trying to innovate across all of your strategies, to no avail. Trying to do all the things without clear goals and easily measured objectives is about the same as trying to juggle with water balloons. Simply put, doing everything does not always mean getting anywhere. If you have been feeling like you are doing plenty, without any luck, it could be due to a lack of focus, a badly conceived strategy, lack of proper implementation, a poorly chosen marketing agency or even a lack of direction. A new and improved strategy will help you realign your goals, so that you know where to put your marketing spend, time and resources.

3. You are making changes elsewhere

Another time that a revamp will be useful is when you are planning to launch a new product, service or offering. You may even be rebranding your entire company, or some other change may be on the cards. Whatever change is in the wind, it is always a good opportunity to refresh your marketing efforts. Change is a powerful motivator, helping you not only to revitalise your products, but also to improve and fine-tune your strategies. If, for instance, your previous campaigns have always focused on email and mobile marketing, the launch of a new product may pave the way for a brand new social media campaign that allows you to reach new audiences.

When you’re ready to put some exciting new plans into the works, let us know. The Open Circle Solutions team is on hand to provide everything you need to get started, from tailored strategies all the way to detailed reporting. Leave us a comment below, or get in touch to learn more about getting started with a brand new, fully revamped marketing campaign.

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