Are you putting your online results at risk with the wrong digital marketing strategies? It is far easier than you may think for things to go very, very wrong. The danger in going with a bad strategy is that it can end up causing far more harm in the long run than no strategy at all.

One of the many reasons to invest in a digital marketing specialist is the ability to get expert advice on which strategies are working and which are not. How do you know whether your internet marketing strategies are more miss than hit?

Avoid these internet marketing strategies at all cost

The last thing any business wants is to go viral for a major online marketing mishap. Rather than taking that chance, it is a good idea to know what to avoid well in advance. Some of the internet marketing strategies that you certainly want to avoid at all cost include the following:

  1. Catch-all targeting. Trying to appeal to everyone often means appealing to no one instead. The danger with a catch-all approach is that you end up wasting precious time and resources trying to reach someone who is not likely to convert. Instead of spamming thousands of people with the same offer, consider a tailored approach such as lead nurturing, which allows you to segment audiences for effective messaging.
  2. Article spinning. Articles are a great tool. Mass produced articles loaded with links that serve no purpose other than the chance of some random syndicate somewhere in the world republishing are less than effective. If you really want to benefit from content, opt for relevant, well-written blog articles that serve a real purpose other than a vague chance of someone clicking on a link.
  3. Keyword stuffing. Having a keyword strategy in place is essential. That does not mean overloading every web page and blog post with your keywords, however. Search engines such as Google have been coming down heavily on keyword stuffed content. If your strategy involves any type of attempt at adding as many keywords as possible, it is likely to backfire when your content gets downgraded.
  4. Blog commenting. A number of businesses assume that comments are a good way to bring in traffic. While it is true that engagement is good, commenting purely for the hope that someone will click through to your website is not as good. Blog comment links are largely nofollow, making this a waste of your time and effort. If you do comment, make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. The same can be said about social media comments, too, while we’re at it.

Which strategies have failed the most in your experience? Let me know in the comments below. If you would like help on crafting internet marketing strategies that certainly won’t end up failing, you can leave me your details or get in touch for a consultation.

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