Many business owners assume that a content marketing strategy is more of a luxury than a necessity. Sadly, however, content plays one of the most important roles on your online success. Good content has the power to nurture leads, convert browsing visitors to purchasing customers, engage your audience, reach more people and educate people on your industry, products and services.

If content writing is something that has been left on the back-burner for some time while you focus on other, seemingly more important things, it might be time to think about investing in professionally written content that truly helps your business.

Top benefits of content writing for business

What are the benefits of content writing, then? For starters, well-crafted content helps you achieve the following:

1. Improve your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation content goes hand in hand with onsite optimisation, development and design. This content is rich in keywords, helping your website pages to be easily found in the search engines, while also adding real value to readers. One major reason to get help from an experienced, professional writer or agency is that simply spamming the search engines with content that is stuffed full of keywords will get you banned rather than ranked.

2. Increase your engagement

Website, ad and social content all help you engage your readers. Whether adding value through well-researched topics that appeal to your audience’s interests, or subtly promoting feedback and comments through open-ended questions and user-orientated topics, content can be a fantastic tool to encourage communication and response.

3. Boost your social shares and engagement

Think about social posts you have seen recently. Did they make you want to hit the like or share button? Or, did they leave you feeling less than interested. One way to prevent shares is to risk badly written, typo loaded content that is not tailored to what your followers want to see.

4. Grow your digital footprint and reputation

On that note, your content says a lot about your reputation. While you may think you are saving time and money by doing your own content, unless you have experience in copywriting or content creation, you will likely not produce content that is on a par with a professional wordsmith. Well-written content sends a powerful message to readers that you are professional and articulate.

At Open Circle Solutions, we offer a wide range of copywriting and content marketing solutions to suit your needs. Interested in reaping the rewards offered by good content? Leave us a comment below, or alternatively, send us your details to have us call you to discuss our content writing plans.

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