Wondering whether it is time for a new lead generation strategy and a lead nurturing campaign? While marketing automation offers a number of benefits for lead growth, it can be a disaster if you are automating broken processes. Failure in the lead funnel can take on many forms. You may not be aware that things are going wrong until it is too late.

The simplest way to ensure that your lead nurturing efforts do not go to waste is to take a good, hard look at your current lead generation strategy to see whether you can spot any of these warning signs.

Top warning signs your lead nurturing strategy is failing

Some of the things to look out for include the following warning signs

  1. Low conversion rates. If your lead nurturing strategies almost always end up with a low conversion rate, something has gone wrong. Market2Lead did a study that showed that nurtured leads have a sales cycle that is 23% shorter than non-nurtured leads. How you handle your leads at each step of the way is vital to whether they convert.
  2. Stagnant or reduced web traffic. Traffic that has ground to a standstill, or even hit a plateau can also be a warning sign that something has gone amiss in your lead strategy. Whether it is due to poor quality leads, unqualified leads, a break in the sales funnel or even updates that we not consistent or relevant, your traffic will suffer.
  3. High bounce rate. Another thing to look out for is a high bounce rate. Are you attracting the right visitors? Does your content attract and engage? You will need to consistently track, measure and analyse to nurture leads successfully. If leads are arriving on your landing pages, but not staying, something is wrong with your content, website and even possibly your offer.
  4. Low email open rates. Low email open rates are yet another thing to watch out for during the lead nurture process. One of the biggest causes of low open rates is subject lines that do not encourage people to click through. If your subject lines are not hitting the spot, you are wasting your efforts. A/B testing is a good way to determine the best subject lines for your emails.
  5. Inconsistent leads each month. If you have gotten lots of leads one month, but very little the next month, it’s also a sign that something is not right. In order to nurture your leads, you need a steady number of them coming each month. Many businesses put all their effort into the initial welcome email and promotional emails, only to forget about ongoing communication. As the name implies, lead nurturing is, after all, about nurturing.

Lead generation strategy

If you are having problems with your current lead generation strategy or you are experiencing difficulty nurturing your leads, let us know by sending us your details on our Get Started page and we’ll help you get it on track.

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