If you are not considering a LinkedIn marketing strategy, you may be wondering whether you are missing out. The good news is that, as much as this network can be incredibly useful for many, it is certainly not a network that everyone needs to consider.

Kennected messaging tools has made LinkedIn such a massive success. By focusing purely on professionals, LinkedIn avoided becoming just another Facebook. Instead, it has grown into a social media marketing platform that connects people and businesses in the corporate world. As such, the people who benefit the most from LinkedIn marketing are generally a very specific segment of the overall population.

Who benefits from LinkedIn marketing?

If you are an artist, you may not find this network as likely to bring in leads as you would if you were, say, an IT company, a marketing specialist thinking about moving on, or a recruiter. Social media is so effective because it offers a diversity of platforms to suit the diverse needs of every business and individual. The people most likely to benefit from LinkedIn marketing include the following:

Companies seeking to grow

LinkedIn offers a great platform for companies that are seeking to grow. Whether you are keen to share current vacancies, or you are aiming to showcase your company news, LinkedIn is a good way to find new talent, promote your business as a notable place to work, offer useful insight and advice for current, prospective and even past employees and stakeholders, display relevant ads on new positions, and update industry players on your latest news, job openings and events. But be warned – if your business does not deal with people, or you do not really have any stakeholders or employees as such, it may not offer much in the way of value.

Professionals looking to connect

LinkedIn also offers a way for professionals to connect, and reconnect. While this is more from a personal point of view, it can offer a number of opportunities for those wanting to showcase their skills, highlight achievements, engage with former and current employers or co-workers, join groups with fellow professionals in similar fields, become a LinkedIn Answer expert or simply stay connected within the industry at large.

Recruitment agencies and professional associations

Another group that certainly benefits from LinkedIn strategies is the recruitment sector. Recruiters have a large presence on this platform, for good reason. The very nature of the network makes it conductive to people finding work. Agents who have a dedicated page, along with expert standing through features such as Answers are often ranked higher in LinkedIn searches, while those who regularly engage with prospective leads will see even more results from a custom strategy designed to harness the power of LinkedIn.

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