Growth hacking is on the rise, and, as far as your online results go, this approach can be exactly what your business needs to get ahead.

As startups continue to pop up – particularly within the tech industry – strategies that are designed to cater for rapid growth are essential. The early stages of website, digital marketing, social media marketing and product development are particularly important for growth. The role of a growth hacker is essentially to rapidly test, retest and refine websites, apps and other channels in order to boost conversion, generate leads and ensure user engagement.

One good example of how growth hacking goes hand in hand with online success is Twitter. The initial launch of this popular social media app resulted in a slow initial rise of registrations, and a bit of buzz. Daily usage was needed however to be sure that the app would succeed. Instead of a traditional marketing approach, such as email marketing, they initiated user optimisation studies that showed the usage habits of the apps most active users. The result was the ability to gain fast insight into how people were using the app. From this, new users were given recommendations on how to follow after joining, which in turn made them more likely to keep using the app. As a result, the user onboarding experience was greatly improved, in a short space of time.

Getting ahead online with growth hacking

How exactly does growth hacking help you improve your results online? Some of the benefits it offers includes the following:

  • Fast acceleration. One of the main reasons to consider this approach is without a doubt the ability to accelerate your growth, quickly and strategically. With that said, the power of this strategy lies in its ability to deliver fast results. If you use this strategy when you are starting out or making a change in your business, you will need to use additional marketing strategies after you get the results you want, for long-term, continual growth. You could compare this approach to an elevator. A growth hack will get you where you need to go. Once you get there, you can then use other strategies to continue your growth.
  • Quick launching. Unlike traditional strategies used for launches that focus on a large audience, growth hacking focuses on your primary USP and expertise, initiating hacks designed to reach very specific audiences. LinkedIn is one example of how this can benefit you when launching a product or service. By focusing on professionals only, they did not become yet another Facebook, but instead, a truly unique corporate network designed to connect people in the workplace. Word quickly spread among professionals and corporates, making LinkedIn a massive success in a relatively short time.
  • Incorporating coding.  Some marketing channels use similar A/B testing methods, but a growth hackers are the only ones who incorporate coding at such a deep level. The ability to use code is one of the top reasons that it works so well at launching startups and small businesses so quickly and effectively. A good growth hacker does not have a solid background in marketing – he will also have an innate understanding of coding, quantitative analytics and other highly technical strategies designed at promoting fast growth online.

If you are ready to take your results to the next level, a growth hack may be just what you need. Leave a comment below, or send your details to find out more about how growth hacking can help your business.

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