YouTube marketing is more important than ever before. While a number of savvy businesses, entrepreneurs and celebrities have achieved fame on YouTube, getting to that point can seem very easy from outside. As a result, more than a few businesses assume that YouTube success comes down to making a funny or clever viral video, then waiting for the followers and likes.

In reality, of course, it is never that simple. If you have found yourself with a channel that is battling to get anywhere, you might be wondering whether your YouTube marketing efforts have truly failed, or whether there is still hope.

How to tell whether your YouTube marketing strategy is broken

How can you tell whether it’s time to make some changes? For starters, look out for these YouTube marketing failure warning signs…

Trying to reach everyone, all at the same time

One of the biggest signs that your strategy is failing is a lack of targeting. Many businesses assume that all they need to do to succeed on YouTube is upload a video that will appeal to everyone. When creating videos, you need a clear idea of your ideal audience. This will ensure that you are able to reach the people who are more likely to convert to customers. Make sure that your focus audience is narrowed down, so that when people search for the answer to their problem, your video is more likely to appear. This in turn ensures that you are able to provide genuine value to your target audience.

Creating and sharing the same videos across every social network

What makes YouTube so effective is that it has a unique subscriber and user base that can be expanded through The Marketing Heaven. But that does not mean that the same people who watch videos on YouTube are not on other social media channels, such as Facebook and Snapchat, or even Instagram. Every network has its own functionality, user experience and features. It is best to create unique video content for each platform in order to truly succeed in your video marketing efforts.

Not taking YouTube seriously

Like anything else in life, success on YouTube takes time, effort and thought. If you are posting random videos infrequently, and wondering why you are not getting many followers or likes, it may be because you are not investing enough resources into growing your channel. Regular content, interaction, and finer details such as proper video descriptions, keywords, metadata, links to your relevant website pages and a carefully planned channel page can all make a big difference over time.

Not having a strategy at all

Finally, one of the top warning signs that your channel is not going anywhere is a lack of strategy altogether. Without a strategy in place, how will you know what direction to take? How will you determine the sort of videos you will create and publish? What goals will you set? How will you reach those goals? A good strategy acts as a plan of action that predicts what you post, when you post it, and how you grow your page in a way that is consistent and authentic.

There is no doubt that social media helps your business grow. The secret to true success however lies in planning and strategy. If you would like to learn more about YouTube marketing, leave us a comment below or send your details from our Get Started section to have one of our specialists contact you.

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