There is no doubt that lead generation marketing has become a powerful tool. Whether you are kicking off with email marketing, launching a new product or simply aiming to improve your current lead strategies, lead generation is a valuable investment that can help you convert more customers, more efficiently.

Stay on Track With These Lead Marketing Rules

A broken lead nurturing strategy can be far worse than no strategy at all. With that in mind, how can you be sure that your lead marketing efforts are always on form?

Some of the most important rules to keep in mind for effective, best practice lead marketing include the following:

1. Know your audience

Are you targeting brand new customers for a product launch, or are you trying to retarget customers who have not made a purchase in a while? Creating lead profiles that are closely aligned to solid market research is vital. There is no room for guesswork or assumptions in lead generation.

In order to reach your ideal customer, you need to know exactly who you plan to target, and how you should target them. Lead profiles allow you to create detailed profiles on who you are targeting, which in turn makes it a lot easier to know how to reach and hopefully convert your potential leads. That brings us to our next point…

2. Segment your markets

Market segmentation plays an integral role within the lead generation process. Even segmenting by gender can have significant difference in your results. Essentially, this means that you are able to create targeted content that is more likely to appeal to your segments. Obviously, your entire audience base will not all be excited about an offer on women’s clothing, to use an example. If your store is not online, that means that you could segment your market by gender and location.

You could go one step further and also segment according to previous purchase records, income and even age. There are a few ways to segment your markets. Demographics, location, and behaviour are the main ways to segment audiences, but you could also use pre-defined factors based on lead scoring results.

3. Nurture, don’t push

Timing is everything when pursuing leads. Wait too long, and you are likely to fail. Rush too quickly, and the same is true. Lead nurturing takes an approach that is designed to move leads carefully through the sales funnel in a way that primes them for conversion. When you try to rush leads, or push too much, too soon, the result is a warm lead that quickly turns cold. Aggressive tactics are never effective. Instead, aim to create a lead funnel that entices your leads, bit by bit, until they are ready to convert.

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