Twitter marketing can be an effective way to drive more engagement while building a loyal following on this popular social media platform. What many businesses don’t realise however is that Twitter should not be a numbers game. Although it is good to have a following, it is even more important to have followers who are relevant and genuinely interested in what you have to say.

A massive following will not offer much value at all unless those followers are likely to retweet, like and reply to your tweets. With that in mind, how can you get the most from Twitter to make it worthwhile for your social media marketing efforts?

Twitter Marketing Tips for Social Media Success

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to Twitter marketing include the following…

Quality content is essential

One of the best reasons to consider a custom Twitter strategy for your business is that it gives you guidance on quality content that will help you grow your reach organically.

Ideally, you should be focusing on giving genuinely helpful advice to your followers, rather than simply promoting your business in every tweet. A study done by Rutgers University showed that just 20% of people are informers on social media, while the other 80% are meformers. What this means is that most people are constantly talking about themselves, instead of offering content that adds real value.

By investing in a proper strategy and putting some thought into how you can be an informer rather than a meformer, you will be on the right track. It’s also interesting to note that the same study showed that informers typically get twice as many followers as meformers.

Consistent content is equally important

Regular updates are far more likely to help you build a following than random bursts of content now and then. If you are Tweeting up a storm one week, then going awol the next, you will find it very difficult to see any results. Posting too many tweets in a short space of time is a common reason for unfollows. This is once again where a strategy can be very effective. Used alongside a scheduling tool, this is your best chance of delivering carefully planned content on a consistent basis.

If you have a strategy, and you have scheduled your posts to be spaced out over the course of each week, you will be less likely to tweet without thinking, too. This in turn reduces the risk of poor quality content that does not offer any benefit to your followers.

Use links wisely

With the increase in Twitterbots, followers are very wary of tweets that come across as potentially spammy. Tweets without links have been found to have more engagement than those with links, Social Media Examiner and other industry experts have noted. A good way to determine whether your followers respond better to posts with links or posts without links is to test frequently. Even if you share fewer links however, it doesn’t mean you have to never share any at all.

Going back to our earlier point about quality informer content, a few carefully chosen links will go a longer way if your content is high quality and informative.

When you’re ready to get your Twitter strategy underway, the Open Circle Solutions team is here to help you get started. We offer carefully curated strategies that are designed especially for Twitter. Get in touch today to find out more about how Twitter marketing can take your efforts to the next level.

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