There are literally millions of people sharing content everyday via social media. Brands everywhere are hoping to be included in those shared experiences. When the sharing of content happens, it makes the content travel and increases the reach, exposure and brand visibility of the person and company that have created the content. This is one of the main reasons why focusing on magnetic content marketing is so important. Content that draws people in with the ability to be shared with the social circles of the person engaging with the content.

It’s a fact that people trust people more than brands proclaiming they are the best because it’s real people usually telling their experience and story about a brand, service or product. It’s a form of word of mouth marketing – only online and can drive engagement between your brand and your target audience.

Here’s a couple of tips on how you should use magnetic content in your social media strategy.

The content should be worthy enough

People share content because they want their own social circles to see the content which they find valuable. These circles or connections could be their friends, family, colleagues, business partners, etc. The type of content can be in different formats like rich media – videos, images, infographics or just plain text.  The type of content which is shared the most all of one thing in common. It touches people on an emotional level.

For branded content, it should touch your target audience on an emotional level and be worthy enough for them to showcase it on their own newsfeed or timeline so that it could be seen publicly by their connections. This means that if you want your content to be shared and seen on the social web it has to be authentic and have emotional triggers so that it can also add value to the person sharing the content.

Curate magnetic content

Even the content that you curate and share from different sources should be magnetic and appeal to your target audience. The social web is full of noise and it really doesn’t need additional clutter. What works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work on LinkedIn or even Instagram. Create a content curation strategy and make a list of all the sources of content from trusted channels that you can use for content curation.

Start off with only focusing on one channel before jumping on to the next channel. This is super important because all the different social media channels are different. Be conscious about what you are going to share publicly online.

Our social feeds are cluttered and busier than every before with everyone wanting a piece of the pie. Be smart and only share what your audience will find interesting and add value to them.

Endorse people that engages with your content

When your target audience engages with your content, it simply means that your content is valuable to them. That is great! To encourage continued engagement and to influence people that haven’t yet connected with you on the social web, endorse the people that have engaged and shared your content.

Acknowledging them publicly can really encourage people to read your future content.

Your content should be read with a great user experience

Don’t make your target audience think what they should do with your content. Don’t make it difficult for your audience to share your content and always include a strong call to action on what you want them to do. With content you should limit the barriers to action to increase participation. The best content and digital marketing campaigns have only one call to action and only a few hashtags.

If people are having a positive user experience they will share that experience along with their own social circles.

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