Wondering whether your digital marketing strategy are more miss than hit? When you have invested a great deal of time, funds and effort into your strategy, the last thing you want is a failed marketing campaign. It can sometimes be hard to see exactly what went wrong – especially when you have an integrated campaign that incorporates everything from SEO to email marketing, mobile marketing, social media and digital PR.

How can you tell whether your digital marketing plans are going awry? What can you do to prevent disaster? In this guide, we take a look at some of the biggest warning signs to look out for when it comes to digital campaigns.

How to Tell if Your Digital Marketing is Failing

It all started out so well… you had a well-rounded strategy that seemed to cover everything. You have a full team on hand to implement your strategies, your marketing consultant seemed to know exactly what they were doing, and everything really ought to have gone well. The following warning signs may give you some indication of what has gone wrong with your digital marketing…

You are not seeing any growth

Even slow growth is something. If your social media pages remain dead, your email list shows no sign of growing, and you just don’t seem to be seeing any new leads, there is a good chance that something is wrong. The thing about marketing is that you will not get anywhere without a good strategy. A big reason for a lack of growth is a lack of strategy. If there is no blueprint on hand to guide your efforts, you may as well be shouting into the proverbial wind.

You are seeing activity, but no conversion

If you are getting a lot of followers, seeing plenty of engagement, growing your email list and gaining website traffic, but none of those leads are converting, you will also find that your efforts are going to waste. Some of the reasons that this could happen include a failure to segment and score leads, trying to please everyone, not doing any target marketing and focusing exclusively on sponsored posts and an Adwords campaign without having a strategy in place.

You are battling to stand out from the crowd

You may find that your competitors seem to have more activity, better SERPs, a nicer newsletter or even better results in general. There are quite a few reasons that you may be battling to stand out from your competition. The biggest of these reasons is that your strategy is not realistic. If you are using high competition keywords in your content, trying to compete with a company who has a long standing reputation or even a household name, you will struggle. Instead of trying to keep up with the Jones’, focus on how you can differentiate your business or find a niche market that is less competitive.

Seen any of these signs? It may be time to consider reworking your digital marketing strategy so that you can refocus, recharge and reposition your business online.

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