Integrated marketing may be something that you have considered at some stage or another. Simply put, this approach offers a seamless way to market your business with digital marketing across a wide range of channels. Rather than forking out time, money and effort on separate channels, you will be able to develop a wider, far more effective reach.

What benefits does integrated marketing have to offer. And, more importantly, how can this approach help you grow your business holistically?

Top Benefits of Integrated Marketing

Some of the most relevant benefits of integrated marketing include the following:

  • Cohesive branding. Jumbled marketing messages are a major cause of campaign failure. Using one logo and message on your Facebook page, only to use a completely different look and message on your emails and website can end up causing your brand a great deal of harm. If your message is cohesive across multiple channels on the other hand, from social media marketing to email marketing, mobile marketing, customer relationship management and paid advertising, you will have the chance to present a flawless brand experience for your audience. This helps to build your reputation, while also ensuring that your audience always knows what to expect.
  • Increased trust. With this cohesion comes a greater trust. In the digital era, trust has never been more important. When customers know exactly what to expect, what your brand stands for, what your company offers and how you represent yourself, they are far more likely to trust you enough to make a purchase. If you have a completely different approach to different channels however, you lose the ability to connect to customers across the board.
  • Better exposure. Finally, as a result of that better brand connection and increased trust, you will also be able to enjoy a greater level of exposure. When customers see your social media posts, Google Ads, website, mobile site, emails, YouTube channel and blog posts, they will always keep you front of mind. Although you may get results from a single channel, the effort you spend trying to plan different strategies across different channels can be challenging. When you take an integrated approach however, you have the chance to gain exposure while spending far less time and effort. This subtly reinforces your brand, while also increasing your exposure across a diverse range of channels.

Whether you are looking for ways to optimise your current strategies, or you are a brand new business wanting to start out on the right proverbial foot, there is no doubt that integrated marketing offers an effective way to get your brand out to the world on a deeper level.

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