If your efforts to implement a customer relationship marketing strategy have not quite gone to plan, you may be wondering whether it you really need this tool. The good news is that a CRM is easily one of the most powerful tools, helping you to perfect your customer service on a far deeper level than ever before. Like many tools, adoption can often be the most challenging part.

When used correctly, a CRM will help improve long-term customer retention and revenue. To help you get the ball rolling, we have put together some of the biggest challenges that may be standing in your way.

Avoid These Relationship Marketing Challenges

Some of the top challenges faced by many businesses in the implementation of relationship marketing tools include the following:

Company-Wide Adoption

Many businesses assume that CRM software is enjoyed by marketing departments exclusively. In reality, this tool can (and should) be used across the board. Sales team CRM benefits range from a stream-lined funnel to greater insight into customers. Marketing benefits include more effective messaging and targeting. In order to see the full benefit, this software needs to be adopted across the board. This, of course, is not always as easy as it sounds. Making sure that all departments and teams are using this software can sometimes be a pain – especially when employees are resistant to change. The upside is that a unified approach soon starts to provide benefits to everyone.

Software Complexity

A number of companies assume that developing a CRM strategy requires a great deal of time and training. In reality, this will largely depend on the software, how easily it can be integrated, and how successfully company-wide adoption has taken place. Choosing a user-friendly solution that allows you to get the full benefits without wasting precious time is the best plan of action. It can also be useful to focus your training efforts on improved workflows and communication across marketing, sales and customer service.


You will also need to decide on how you will implement your CRM. Failing to scale is one of the biggest CRM mistakes that companies make. With so many software options available, you will need to decide whether to build it into your company’s current system and create an in-house system, or use a third-party system. While a built-in system can offer technical support and data server requirements, today’s third-party solutions have been designed to give you a greater level of ease, reliability and space – all of which should be taken into account.

Ultimately, although these challenges can be a little frustrating, you could think of them as mere stumbling blocks on your journey to CRM success. With the right tools, relationship marketing will become easier than ever before.

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