If video is not yet already part of your digital strategy, now is the time to include it as part of your online marketing efforts. Over the years, video has emerged as a powerful tool that has the ability to build trust, increase engagement, assist SEO efforts, increase conversion and help mobile marketing efforts.

Whether you are aiming to invest in your own unique videos, hoping to build your YouTube channel, or you simply want to find out more about how video helps your digital strategy, keep reading to find out what benefits video has to offer.

Why Include Video in Your Digital Strategy?

Video offers a number of unique benefits when used as part of a multi-channel digital strategy. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Video builds trust and engagement. Video has the ability to offer a far deeper connection than a block of text. As such, video is an excellent tool to help you build trust. At the same time, video also boosts engagement. Used in ecommerce marketing, video acts as a way to establish a connection with potential customers. In email marketing meanwhile, video can increase clicks. When used as part of your social media strategy, video encourages comments and shares.
  • Video helps SEO. Video can also help your SEO efforts. YouTube is a massive search engine in itself, while search engines such as Google as increasingly using video content in addition to image, news and map searches. Adding video transcripts, keyword labels, sitemaps and backlinks wisely can all contribute towards your ranking. Investing in a YouTube marketing strategy can help you leverage the power of video more effectively.
  • Video increases conversion. Video is also a powerful conversion tool. Many people view videos as part of their decision making process. Because videos are highly visual, they have the ability to foster recognition while leaving a far longer lasting impression than an image. Landing pages that include video can add plenty of value to your email marketing campaigns. Just make sure that the video does not load automatically, however… nothing kills conversion more than an unpromoted video.
  • Video helps your mobile efforts. Finally, video is also an excellent tool for mobile marketing. Due to the fact that so many people watch video on a mobile device, video has become an important part of responsive design. When creating videos, make sure that you use mobile-friendly platforms such as YouTube that allow your videos to be easily watched from any device.

With so much to offer, it goes without saying that video content plays an integral role in any integrated, well-rounded digital strategy.

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