Digital marketing trends may not be as rapid as trends in other fields, but they certainly offer plenty of insight into how the world finds information, communicates and interacts. The digital marketing space is constantly adapting as technology changes.

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

As we move further into the era of machine learning, it is all too easy to get a little overwhelmed at the changing face of the digital space. Make sure that you continue to learn and grow by staying at the forefront of these upcoming digital marketing trends.

Some of the digital marketing trends worth noting include the following:

Integrated marketing

Integrated marketing shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. If you are not taking a holistic approach to your strategies, now is the best time to invest in a comprehensive strategy that incorporates email, mobile, social, content, lead generation, SEO, paid advertising and Customer Relationship Management. This is the best way to deliver a cohesive message at every stage of your audience’s buyer journey. As a result, you will have far more chance of establishing stronger connections, while building your reputation organically.


Both personalisation and segmentation are also continuing their rise. Generic marketing is no longer enough to reach people – especially with the number of emails the average customer receives on any given day. In email marketing, personalisation offers the most effective way of increasing clickthrough, open and read rates. In lead nurturing, personalisation works hand in hand with segmentation to create powerful lead funnels designed to take customers through their journey, from initial enquiry all the way to conversion.

Video marketing

Video is also going strong. Whether you make use of a tailored YouTube strategy, or you are considering putting more time into crafting in-house videos, this platform has a number of impressive results. Some studies indicate the video has a far higher engagement rate than text or image based posts, and others suggest that content used within video has a greater chance of being remembered than content that is written or shown in images. How to videos and demonstrations are especially worthwhile for conversion.

Mobile marketing

Google’s Mobile First approach continues its reign. More searches are done on mobile than on desktop, which means that mobile can no longer be ignored. If your site is not responsive, you may find that you will lose any progress you have made in the SERPs. Likewise, if you are not investing in mobile strategies, you may find that you will lose out to competitors who are mobile savvy in the year ahead.


Another Google trend worth watching is Micro-Moments.This goes back to the Mobile First approach, and dictates how people search on the go. If you are not adapting your content and strategy to take this into account, it may not be as easy for people to find you. Using geolocation and other features to give your customers the best experience, wherever they are, is the best way to stay on top of this trend.

Keep these digital marketing trends in mind when planning for the year ahead, and you should have no trouble keeping up with the digital landscape as it evolves.

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