Struggling to get your B2B social media efforts off the ground and running? Unlike B2C social media, which is largely designed to spread brand awareness and grow reputation, B2B has a number of goals and considerations.

On one hand, you will still need to ensure that your social media marketing content is meaningful and interesting. On another hand, B2B social media content also needs to be strategic, correct for your audience, focused on the top performing channels, and carefully planned.

B2B Social Media Tips & Tricks

The following B2B social media tips will help you get started…

  • Create buyer personas. Rather than focusing purely on a demographic-based strategy, aim to address major pain points that followers may have. What is the main feedback you receive? What problems does your audience typically have? Buyer personas are an excellent way to achieve this, allowing you to target your ideal audience on a deeper level.
  • Invest in the right strategy. Without a strategy, you are to all effects shooting in the dark. Invest in a tailored strategy that incorporates channels that add the most value. Aim for a strategy that balances news and updates with sales focused posts, interesting shares, relevant information and multimedia content.
  • Know where your audience lurks. At the same time, it is also very useful to know exactly which channels your target audience can be found. There is little point wasting time and resources on Twitter if your primary audience is on LinkedIn. Sticking to the most lucrative channels will yield you the best results.
  • Provide genuine value. One of the good things about B2B is that it often allows you to know your customers very well. You can use this insight to create genuinely useful content that is focused not only on selling, but also on educating, entertaining and inspiring your audience.
  • Measure your results. Last, but not least, make sure that you continue to measure your results. This is the only way to test ideas, refine strategies and keep making sure that you hit the mark. Things to track include KIPs as well as clicks, mentions, follows, comments and other engagement. Without measuring, you will struggle to know what is working and what is not.

How can you add value to your audience? Leave a comment below to let us know which B2B social media strategies have given you the best results.

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