Wondering which lessons are most important when it comes to getting results from ecommerce conversion? A look at just about every major ecommerce brand quickly tells you a story about conversion.

Important Lessons in Ecommerce Conversion

While most have massive ecommerce marketing budgets that allow them to craft far-reaching campaigns, you can still benefit from some of the biggest lessons, even on a limited budget, with limited reach.

To get a better idea of which ecommerce conversion lessons are most worth noting, keep reading.

Some of the top ecommerce conversion lessons to learn include the following:

Lesson 1: No store exists in a vacuum

Cross-channel marketing is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you bring in leads from all of your efforts. If you are focusing all your effort and resources on a single channel, you may end up losing out on the chance to convert customers through other channels. A good strategy incorporates SEO, lead generation, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEM and social media, along with content marketing.

Lesson 2: Customer experience is everything

If you are not putting much thought into customer experience, you are missing out on a massive chance to convert more sales.

Think about the last time you shopped online. It may have been at a leading e-tailer or a smaller local online shop. What very likely helped you complete your purchase was your experience on the site. It may have been a fast and painless check-out, excellent customer service, easy navigation, content that resonated, an abandoned cart email that impressed you enough to go back and complete your purchase, or even a personal touch that made you feel appreciated, such as a sign-up offer or a personalised email. Whatever it was, it was the experience that you had as a customer that made the most impact.

Lesson 3: First impressions count

Customers will make decisions within a few seconds of arriving at your landing page or shop. In that time, you need to attract their attention in a way that gets them to browse a bit longer. How do you make sure that you are making the right impression right from the start? For starters, you ensure that your store is easy to use and easy to navigate. Your images and content need to make people want to know more about your products. Your products need to be found easily, with clear descriptions, reviews and shipping information that further helps people proceed to check-out.

Keep these lessons in mind when planning your ecommerce conversion strategies, and you should start to see a difference in your results.

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