Multi channel marketing is a highly efficient way to align your digital marketing strategies for optimal growth. Done right, this approach can help you increase engagement, drive conversions, and, ultimately, see a major return on your marketing investment.

Why Your Multi Channel Marketing Efforts Are Failing

The problem is that many companies begin multi channel marketing without keeping best practices in mind. Without a clear plan, it can be all too easy to end up with a disjointed strategy that ends up doing more harm than good.

How do you ensure that your multi channel marketing efforts don’t go to waste? For starters, you can avoid making these mistakes:

1. Treating each channel as a separate entity

One of the primary benefits of multi channel strategies is that they help you create a cohesive brand experience for your customers. When you treat each channel as its own separate entity, you end up with a far from cohesive brand experience. A multi channel approach is most effective when it reaches customers at various touch points, in a way that reinforces your message without duplicating, confusing or diluting your message. That means using the same tone, style and voice, in a way that is unique to each channel.

2. Seeing your audience as a single entity

Although your broader audience may share many qualities and have a similar demographic, behaviour and budget, each channel may have a unique audience. You may find that your email followers are interested in product updates and industry news, while your social media followers are more focused on broader industry trends. You may find that your lead generation results from landing pages and webinars are better than those from SEM and blog posts. Knowing and understanding your audience for each channel is key to delivering content that is designed to reach customers at every stage of their journey.

3. Using the same strategy for every channel

You may have very different goals for each channel, even if your ultimate goal is to increase conversion. Your ecommerce marketing strategy may include sales funnels, cart recovery emails, upselling and cross-selling, and re-engagement tactics. Your social media strategy may include community, engagement, and visibility. Your email marketing strategy may include product promotion, industry insight, and brand awareness. Using a single cross channel strategy for multiple channels is not as effective as creating a strategy that aligns each channel in a way that achieves smaller and bigger goals.

With a streamlined strategy that is cohesive and holistic, you will be able to reap the rewards of multi channel marketing without the risk of having your entire strategy fall to pieces.

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