If you have been considering investing in SEO services this year, you may be wondering which services will drive the highest value. Essentially, what will give you the best chance at owning those SERPs is a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation strategy that is holistic and designed according to your unique needs. With that said, it can be useful to get a better idea of the most useful services, so that you know what you can expect when outsourcing SEO services.

Which SEO Services Do You Need to Get Ahead?

The following SEO services will give you an example of the type of services typically offered by SEO specialists. Most strategies will incorporate one or more of these strategies as part of your overall plan of action.

SEO optimisation

Both on-page and of-page optimisation are required in order to get genuine results. This could include a new and improved on-page linking strategy, an off-site link building strategy, a full audit, updates to your meta description and on-site elements, updated keywords and refinement, and any number of additional strategies that help your website get ahead in the SERPs.

Local SEO

Local SEO is ideal for local businesses such as retailers, restaurants, bars and service providers, making use of Google’s constantly evolving listings to get found in the SERPs. Strategies for this type of SEO are a little different to those for global SEO, with a focus on area specific content, keywords and pages, and more emphasis on Google’s List My Business.

Content marketing

This applies to content on your own site as well as syndicated content that helps you expand your presence online. As almost every business knows by now, content marketing plays an integral role in the ranking process. How you approach content makes all the difference, however. An experienced SEO will help you reap the benefits of content without the risk of violating Google’s often rigid requirements.

Keyword intent research

Before you consider most of these services, you first need to know how people are finding your business. Keyword research is the most effective way to identify phrases that help your pages get found more easily, which in turn can help guide future content as well. This goes hand in hand with semantic SEO, which uses relevant phrases that deliver results even when there is no exact match.

As you can see, most SEO work is more a sum of its parts rather than stand-alone services. With the help of an experienced, professional SEO company, you should be able to develop a strategy that gives you the benefit of the SEO services that offer the most value to you and your business.

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