Digital marketing is certainly not a one-size-fits-all strategy. The results that it provides to one brand can be very different to the results it gives another brand.

With each business having unique needs and goals, the way that digital strategies are used is very often very different for each type of business. One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is to assume that digital marketing can be applied in the same way to any given business. A cookie-cutter approach may work for some businesses, but for most, this approach invariably leads to minimal results, lost chances and a lack of brand cohesion.

Using Digital Marketing in 2018

All too often, this mistake is made when there is a lack of clearly defined goals. It may sound obvious to some, but all too often, digital strategies are adapted on the go, in a hurry, while companies are doing their best to scale and grow. To truly succeed with your digital strategies this year, you need to go right back to the very beginning and define your primary purpose.

It’s time to go back to basics and redefine the way you use digital marketing from here on out. Here are a few things to keep in mind to identify your core purpose.

1. Conversion

Which channels bring in the most traffic? Of those, which result in actual sales? Which channels are taking up a lot of time and effort without driving conversion?

Usually, only a few channels will add genuine impact to your conversion. If your primary goal is to bring in new business, increase sales or find new customers, you will need to think very carefully about choosing the channels that offer the most value. You may find that email marketing, lead generation and Search Engine Optimisation drive the most sales, or you may have a high referral rate on Facebook or YouTube. Focusing on the channels that deliver results will help reduce the clutter and allow you to put your efforts where it truly counts.

2. Loyalty

Which channels have the highest engagement rate? Which channels have allowed you to build a loyal following? Which have allowed you to grow your brand significantly, and which feel like you are shouting into a void?

Loyalty is a powerful tool for customer retention as well as acquisition, helping to transform your customers into unofficial brand evangelists. You may have developed a cult following on Facebook, your email list may hand reached epic proportions, you may have perfected your content marketing, or there may be other channels that receive high engagement, positive feedback and other indications of brand loyalty. Focus on the channels that are already working, but also try to choose the channels favoured by your target audience.

3. Awareness

Which channels receive a large number of questions, feedback and comments? Which channels have helped you become an expert in your industry? Which channels have the highest ROI from a customer service point of view?

You can also use your strategy to drive awareness, for both your business and your broader industry. When your audience knows where to go to get genuinely useful information, you have the ability to become an expert in your field. This is useful on many levels, from brand awareness to engagement, traffic, trust, reputation and even conversion. Focusing your efforts on Customer Relationship Management, online reputation and other strategies that drive awareness is key to meeting this objective.

Once you have redefined your purpose, it will be a lot easier to fine-tune your digital marketing strategies for optimal growth, in a way that is organic and tailored to your goals.

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