Along with helping you provide a cohesive brand experience, cross channel marketing can also be a powerful conversion optimisation tool. There are a number of ways that you can increase conversion through an integrated strategy that incorporates the highest performing channels. When you focus on the channels that are showing actual results, rather than wasting time on those that are not converting, you will soon start to see results.

Cross Channel Marketing Tips for Increased Conversion

To help you fast-track your results, we’ve put together a few simple tips. Keep reading to find out how you can use cross channel marketing to boost your digital marketing conversion rates.

Some of the simplest ways to increase conversion through cross channel marketing include the following:

Define your goal

You may have smaller conversion goals across each individual channels or a larger goal across your entire cross channel strategy. Whether you are aiming to grow your reach, increase sales, increases sales value, boost engagement, drive awareness or bring in new customers, it is vital to define your primary and secondary goals. This is the simplest way to cut through the clutter and identify channels that are not aligned with your goals. You will soon be able to spot the channels that drive the most value from those that are wasting time without any pay-off.

Define your audience

You will also need to define your target audience. There will likely be some overlap between channels. Some potential customers may follow you on social media and sign up for your mailing list. Others may receive mobile campaigns. There may be some who have downloaded free content or other lead funnels and those that follow you across every channel. Knowing how to reach each audience across each individual channel and as a whole is key. You may also consider creating an ideal customer profile that helps you position your campaigns for optimal conversion.

Define your metrics

How will you measure conversion across each channel and across your entire strategy? Without defining your metrics it will be far harder to determine whether your efforts are working or not. Vague metrics can also make it harder to track progress. Set clearly defined metrics – a specific sales target, engagement increase, follower number, lead magnet download percentage, contact page clicks, call centre calls, comment percentage, CTA click or new customer acquisition. Once you have defined your core metrics, it will be far easier to track, fine-tune and consistently refine your efforts.

Try these steps, and you should start to see a difference in your cross channel marketing conversion rates over time.

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