If you are aiming to drive more sales to your online shop, you will likely have considered ecommerce SEO strategies at some point or another along with your regular ecommerce marketing strategies.

Simple Ecommerce SEO Strategies to Increase Sales

Many etailers see Search Engine Optimisation as something that only big brands need to think about. In reality, even the tiniest shop can benefit from a few ecommerce SEO strategies that help to boost conversion holistically in a way that does not stretch your budget.

Some of the simplest ecommerce SEO strategies to consider include the following:

Perfect your keyword strategy

One of the biggest mistakes that etailers make is treating keywords as an afterthought. Rather than using the name of your product to try and rank, choose detailed long tail keywords that make it easier for shoppers to find your products in searches. A term such as wool jerseys would do far better than jerseys. A term such as mens wool jerseys would be even better still.

Utilise product reviews

Another challenge that many ecommerce stores need to navigate is ensuring that there is sufficient content on each page in order to rank. Unlike service-based websites that can typically include large amounts of content, it is often more challenging to fill product pages. One way to get around this is user-generated product reviews. As these often naturally contain relevant keywords, they will help your page rank, while also ensuring that there is regular, fresh content on your pages.

Include Schema markup on your pages

In the SERPs, visuals count for everything. When shoppers are searching for your products, which is more likely to make them want to buy… a standard text result or a result that includes an image, product or review? There are many markups that can add value to your pages. Including these is a simple but highly effective way to give searchers a hint of what to expect before they even click on your link.

Craft original product descriptions

Finally, do not underestimate the value that product descriptions have – especially when it comes to converting customers. Rather than using default manufacturer descriptions, take the time to write genuinely useful, original descriptions for each product. Help people make a connection to your products and shop in a way that is original and useful. Add internal links to make it easier for related pages to be found. This is one of the best ways to not only help your SEO but also your sales.

Try these ecommerce SEO strategies and you should start to notice a slow but steady impact on your conversion rates over time.

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