Creating social media content that gets plenty of reactions, comments and shares is the end-goal for many businesses, both big and small. Whether you are trying to improve your company social media presence or start a new channel, success often comes down to the content that you create and share.

Getting More from Your Social Media Content

Quality content does not have to be challenging. The secret to crafting social media content that is genuinely engaging often comes to a fair amount of planning and a good dose of strategic thinking.

To get more value from your social media content, keep these tips in mind.

Focus on the channels that drive genuine engagement

Where does your ideal customer lurk? Which channels do you see the most clicks, shares and comments? Which channels make you feel as though you are shouting into the void? You will likely find that some channels give you better results than others. Rather than blindly sharing content across every single channel, choose the channels that drive engagement. This will allow you to spend your time and resources more efficiently.

Start with a strategy that is tailored to each channel

One of the biggest mistakes made by brands is assuming that content can be shared in the same way across every channel. Each channel is unique in its word limit, reach and focus, however. For example, Twitter uses short and simple summaries, while Facebook is often driven by images, video and text. Your audience on LinkedIn is very different to your audience on YouTube. Often, you will have followers who follow you on more than one channel. When you share generic content across every channel in the same way, you miss out on the chance to reach people on a deeper level.

Be original, consistent and authentic

What type of content appeals to your specific audience? What content do your competitors share? Are you reposting and ‘stealing’ content that gets a lot of likes in an attempt to capitalise on the positive reaction? Rehashing the same old content that everyone else is sharing will not do you any favours in the long run. Instead, think about how you can craft original content that is authentic to your brand. Invest in a personalised strategy, use scheduling tools and ensure that you post consistently. This will help you develop a voice that is aligned with your brand in a way that resonates authentically while improving your brand reputation.

Try these tips, and you should start to see an improvement in your social media content.

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