How important is lead nurturing content? How can you be sure that your content is designed to attract leads at the right time, in the right way? There is no doubt that content plays a vital role in the lead generation process. In this short guide, we take a look at the key stages that leads navigate within the sales funnel, to show you how you can fine-tune your lead nurturing content to reach leads at every stage.

Using Lead Nurturing Content to Convert More Sales

Lead nurturing content is key to conversion. A typical lead funnel will have carefully crafted content that is designed to target lead at each stage of their journey. When content is planned in a way that is geared towards each stage, the result is a great chance of engagement, and, ultimately, conversion.

Awareness Stage

This stage is the top of the funnel. At this stage, leads are aware that they have a need that needs to be addressed. For an example, let’s say that you offer custom dog beds. Content in your awareness stage communication may include videos, blog posts and emails that educate potential buyers while addressing the challenges of finding dog beds that are the right size, thickness, softness and shape for your breed of dog. You will not try and push purchase at this stage as leads are not ready to buy.

Interest Stage

As they reach the next stage, they will begin to show interest. At this stage, leads may start to look for specific information on how to choose a dog bed, what to look for when shopping for dog beds, which size is best for specific breeds and which material is best, for example. Content will need to focus on the benefits of custom dog beds vs generic beds.

Consideration Stage

Once leads move into the consideration stage, they start to think about where to find custom dog beds. Useful content to offer at this stage could include comparisons on dog bed materials and providers and any other information that helps leads know why you would be a good choice.

Decision Stage

The final stage is the decision stage. This is a key purchasing stage and requires a certain amount of finesse. Leads are already purchasing mode but now need to be turned into customers. Content needs to address the question, “why should I buy now?” Do not assume that conversion is a given at this stage. Most abandoned shopping carts happen at the decision stage. Ideally, you want to gently encourage leads to convert without putting them off or chasing them away with aggressive hard-sell strategies. Reviews, customer testimonials, once-off deals, rewards and time-sensitive offers can all be effective at this stage.

When you craft content that is relevant to each stage, it will be far easier to help leads progress along the funnel. This, in turn, will ensure that your lead nurturing content is always on point and on target.

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