Is your lead generation model designed for conversion, or are you spending a lot of time and resources on strategies that never seem to net any reward?

Top Signs Your Lead Generation Model May be Failing

All too often, lead generation is treated as something that can be done on the fly, without much thought or effort. In reality, it is only possible to see genuine conversion when you have a lead generation model that is aligned to target and nurture leads correctly right from the very first interaction. In this guide, we share some of the signs to look out for in order to determine whether any improvement is required.

How can you tell whether your lead generation model is not designed for optimal conversion? For starters, you can look for these warning signs.

Your sales, customer service and marketing teams are not aligned

If your sales, customer service and marketing teams are not aligned, it will be virtually impossible to see growth. Problems arise when there are loopholes in your model. These loopholes are most often caused by sales teams not being on the same page as customer service teams, marketing teams not listening to sales or customer service teams and various other teams not working towards the same goals. Without this alignment, you are for all effects running around in circles, achieving nothing.

Your lead generation and CRM tools are not aligned

At the same time, if you are using lead generation tools and CRM tools in a way that does not take a holistic overview of the entire customer interaction, you may also find that there are many discrepancies. Much as each department within your company needs to work together to finalise leads, your tools need to be able to take customers through their lifetime journey without too many bumps along the way.

Your lead scoring and nurturing efforts see every customer the same way

If you are not using lead scoring to separate high value leads from those that have little hope of panning out, how will you know who to target? And, if your lead nurturing efforts are generic at best, how will you be able to target your ideal customer? It may seem simpler and faster to treat every lead the same, but without personalisation and targeting, you run the risk of appealing to no one when you try to appeal to everyone.

Lead nurturing is not a quick fix. You can’t expect to see results if your entire process is broken. In order to start seeing genuine conversion, you need to go back to basics and start by fine-tuning your lead generation model so that it is ready for action.

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