One of the most important aspects of any ecommerce marketing strategy comes down to increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). As you likely already knew, it costs far more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing customers. With that in mind, it goes without saying that customers who are loyal for life are your biggest supporters who have the power to act as unofficial brand ambassadors. Attracting such loyal and valued clients comes down to knowing how to boost the CLV in a way that drives trust, loyalty and reputation.

Simple Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Boost Customer Lifetime Value

In this guide, we share some tips on how you can simply and efficiently increase Customer Lifetime Value with the help of a few carefully planned ecommerce marketing strategies.

Some of the surprisingly simple and effective ways that you can increase the lifetime value of your customers include these ecommerce marketing strategies.

Include your fans

Involving your customers in your various campaigns, whether it is a fun Facebook post or a newsletter, is a great way to show that you are genuinely interested in your followers. All too often, ecommerce brands treat customers as cash machines who are only worth engaging when there is a chance of a sale.

Surprise customers

How can you go over and beyond expectation? What can you do to turn a standard order into something that customers will want to share and talk about to everyone they know? Find ways to surprise your customers in a way that lets them know that you value their support.

Learn how to listen

Do you really listen to your customers? Do you know what they want? Are there any issues that you could solve on their behalf? Can you use their feedback in a way that makes them feel involved? Listening is a vastly underrated skill with many benefits to increasing customer loyalty.

Be there in ways that count

Sometimes, simply showing up is a good start. Too few etailers consider the larger journey that customers typically take, focusing on closing the deal instead. Putting a focus on things like customer experience, support and customer care can do a world of good for your reputation.

Offer something unique

Finally, another way to drive long-term loyalty is to find things that your competitors are not offering or doing. What can you do that similar stores are not already doing? How can you stay in the minds of your shoppers? Think out of the box and find ways to make an impression that is sure to last.

When you start to see Customer Lifetime Value as long term process that requires consistent thought and effort, you will soon start to see how you can perfect your ecommerce marketing strategies to boost CLV.

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