Are your digital marketing campaigns designed for growth or are they doomed to hardly get off the ground at all? Ultimately, your success comes down to a number of factors, from reach all the way to strategy and timing. Before you rush into anything, it is always incredibly useful to think about what you hope to achieve with your digital marketing campaigns. Do you want to be famous for the right reasons, or simply get your name out there, regardless of what people may say?

How to Ensure Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns can be surprisingly easy to get wrong – especially when brands rush in without stopping to plan and strategise. Mistakes happen for a number of reasons, from failing to consider your audience to using an inside joke that could easily offend rather than impress.

Rather than offending your audience or making your brand look bad, it is essential to have a marketing strategy in place. Keep your plans open enough so that there is no chance of anyone being offended. You can also try these tips on what not to do and what to do instead.

What not to do…

  • Up-to-the-moment trends. Be very wary of those very time-sensitive trends that rely on clever sub-tweets or off-hand remarks. Some people may not have heard the news while others may not agree. By the time people have caught up, the joke has often fallen flat.
  • Anything that can be misinterpreted. Jokes or comments that can be taken out of context should be avoided at all costs. If there is even a slight chance of anyone taking offence, it is just not worthwhile at all.
  • Controversial stances. Standing up for your beliefs is one thing. Taking a controversial stance as a business is another thing. If you do this, prepare to face a backlash that could end up putting your online reputation at stake.

What to do instead…

  • Focus on people. Rather than blowing your own horn, aim to celebrate real-life people who have helped your business grow. This could be anything from employees to investors, customers or even stakeholders.
  • Be consistent. With the FIFA World Cup and Wimbledon both taking place recently, many companies are taking advantage of the sporting news. If it is relevant to your business, you could bring in sports-related posts. If it has nothing to do with your business, rather focus on things that are relevant. This will keep your tone and style consistent.
  • Authenticity is everything. Trying to be what you think people want to see on different channels is never ideal. Instead, aim to be original and authentic across every channel, from social to mobile marketing, SEO, content, and email marketing.

Take your digital marketing campaigns seriously and you will have a far better chance of seeing real, genuine results.

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