Social media marketing conversion can seem like a big challenge initially, especially if you are battling to get people to click through to your website from your various social platforms. At face value, sharing and creating interesting content should result in likes, shares, comments, and link clicks. In reality, it is not always as simple as churning out viral content. Instead, you need to get a bit strategic to ensure that your social media marketing efforts are not being wasted.

Social Media Marketing Conversion Tips

Battling to drive traffic to your website? Take your social media marketing to the next level with these conversion tips.

Keep your landing pages mobile-friendly

The majority of social media users access various channels from a mobile device. If your website and landing pages are outdated and not optimised for mobile, the result is a clunky, awkward experience. Ideally, you want to take people from your social platforms to your landing pages in a way that is fluid and seamless, making it as easy as possible for followers to read blog posts or view landing page content without any frustration, delay or issue.

Split-test social posts to see what works

One way to determine what is working and what is not is to split-test social posts. You could share different images, different content, different calls to action or even different videos and then measure response to each variation. This can be done on sponsored posts and regular posts. You could, for example, share two similar posts in the space of two weeks, to monitor reactions and engagement as well as clicks through to your website.

Use images and video wisely

Content is super important, but so are images and video. All three work together along with your links, calls to action and even your post length. This is where split-testing comes in – you could find that your audience responds best to certain types of images or certain length posts and certain types of video. You could also find that shortening videos or even changing the saturation of your images could drastically boost conversion.

Engage consistently (and authentically)

Engagement plays a crucial role in conversion, but only if it is done in a way that is genuine. Trying to force social comments or likes may seem like a good idea. This can often end up making you seem spammy, however. Instead, try to share content that includes open-ended questions that inspire genuine engagement. When people comment, reply with a genuine interest in what they are saying. Start conversations. Connect with people. Answer and ask questions. When you show that you are genuinely interested in your followers, they are more likely to like, engage and click.

Try these tips, plan a social media marketing strategy, put thought into your posts and you should start to see a slow but steady rise in conversion.

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