If you are battling to get your B2C digital marketing campaigns off the ground and running, you may be wondering what is going wrong in your digital marketing efforts. Marketing to customers is not always as straight-forward as it seems, with a number of unique challenges to keep in mind.

Taking the time to gain deeper insight not only into your customers but also into their needs, wants and your own abilities can do wonders for your results. The first step in getting more from your B2C digital marketing strategies, however, is to know where you may be going wrong.

Stay Clear of These B2C Digital Marketing Mistakes

Some of the commonly made mistakes that may be preventing your B2C digital marketing campaigns from success include the following:

Not knowing your audience

Easily the biggest mistake made by many consumer-focused businesses is not gaining critical insight into the audience. This applies to your wider campaigns as well as your individual strategies across social media channels, email lists, blog audience, and mobile subscriber list. When you do not take the time to understand your audience – which channels they favour, where they are based, how much they typically spend, how they interact, and who they are – you will struggle to create campaigns designed to convert your audience.

Not listening to your customers

Over and beyond having critical insights and data on your customers, you need to listen to what they want, too. Relying on data alone is a good way to end up becoming tone-deaf, which, in turn, makes it far harder to produce digital content that truly resonates. Rather than steamrolling with digital campaigns, take the time to ask for feedback and then listen to that feedback. Ways to listen to your customers include surveys and polls, along with social media and blog comments, email and mobile responses and even data such as open rates, click rates and ongoing engagement across various channels.

Not knowing when to scale

You may know your audience and listen to your customers, but are you adapting and growing? Another mistake that may cost you, in the long run, is becoming stale and uninspired by not scaling or adapting when you should be moving forward. Whether that means sticking to the same safe strategies you always follow or not taking advantage of new ideas, new keywords, new tools or new tricks, or even failing to scale as your business grows, the result is always the same. You end up stagnating while your audience moves on to channels that are more suited to their changing needs.

Invest in your campaigns, listen to your customers and don’t be afraid to adapt, and you will start to see results in your B2C digital marketing strategies.

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